2012 Integral Fellows Finalist: Climate Solutions

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2012 Integral Fellows Finalist: Climate Solutions

Jabe Blumenthal

Practical solutions to global warming

During Jabe’s tenure as Board chair, Climate Solutions has transformed from a regional organization into a national thought-leader with vibrant partnerships and alliances.

About Climate Solutions

For nearly 15 years, Climate Solutions has built coalitions across cities and rural communities, business and labor, environmentalists and social justice advocates for innovative solutions to the challenges of climate change. From helping to launch the highly successful US Mayors Climate Agreement, which now includes more than 1,000 cities; to helping to create the framework for successful campaigns to pass a series of clean energy;  to transitioning Oregon and Washington off a reliance on coal power; to creating investments in local clean economy jobs and energy efficiency savings in billions; to creating the “flight path” with aviation leaders, including Boeing and Alaska Airlines, to fuel our airplanes with significant amounts of sustainable, regionally produced biofuels; Climate Solutions has been at the forefront of establishing the Northwest as a national leader on addressing climate change in practical and profitable ways.

A list of Climate Solutions’ recent accomplishments is available online at www.climatesolutions.org/about/mission.

Climate Solutions has been selected as one of 18 high-impact nonprofits working in the field of climate change, and the only regional organization on the list. Philanthropedia is a division of GuideStar, and its independent research and rankings offer a perspective of nonprofit impact as observed by sector experts.


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